Due diligence after buying is as important as due diligence before buying.
You can not be in loss in stock which you don’t own

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Weekend HookUp: June 06, 2020

Flexible EMI repayment; PVR losses; How to disagree; What we can do to help while volunteering; Kerala’s Rubber Man

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Weekend HookUp: May 29, 2020

Read on how to get ideas for startups; research on fabric eradicating corona-virus; Short inspirational stories; How to travel sustainably

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Q4 FY19-20 : Bad, Average, Good and Solid

Interesting to see how many from solid and good results will move to Average and bad results category after Q1 FY21 results. Those who survive in good or solid category even after Q1’FY21 should be worth researching more to invest Don’t treat this post as a basis of investment. There are lot more factors to […]

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Weekend HookUp: May 10, 2020

Read on how Goa plans to get back on tourism; subvention schemes in Mumbai can be fatal & genetically engineered mosquitoes hunting for wild ones

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Weekend HookUp: May 03, 2020

Read for Understanding GOLD history, standard and other currencies fight with Gold standard, how easy or hard is stranded aircraft maintenance, Why Tesla accelerates so fast and why eggs should be part of muscle building.

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Weekend HookUp: April 25, 2020

Interesting Hookup links
Life: Strangest Secret in the world (Youtube)

Economy: Bullshit jobs: Why they exist and why you might have one (Vox)

Secret of Happiness: Two drops of oil (Paulo Coelho)

Panic Working : Focus on work that matters (Forge)

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Weekend HookUp: April 18, 2020

Interesting Hookup links (fast read) for Life strategies, Kids and parent health in lockdown, Travel industry in numbers, Dharavi economy impact

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