About Alpha Affairs

Blog/Articles/Links related to

Finance – Related to Stock news, Investing, Behavioral aspects, Market trends…

Fitness – Related to Physical & Mental fitness, Running, Cycling, Gym, Muscle building…

Nutrition & Health – Related to different diets, fasting, health awareness…

Leisure & Travel – Related to Travel blogs be it by car, bike or cycle, Holiday destinations, trips with friends, leisure holidays…

and much more

The blog may contains links, cartoons, audios, videos,tweets, podcasts, research reports,guest posts and excerpts on various topics related to Financial and Physical fitness, Travel and Food etc and reader/viewer discretion is needed.

This blog neither make forecasts nor does it give any tips for anything. Any gain or loss from the information provided on this blog is your sole responsibility. Whole purpose of the blog is to make you informative enough to take charge of your fitness, be it physical or financial.


I am NOT an Investment/Financial/Travel/Food expert or adviser and no part of this blog should be construed as direct advice. Please consult your financial/fitness/diet adviser before taking any decision.

Some of the blogs are written by experts in their field and veracity of claims made in such blogs or articles is the sole responsibility of the concerned/respective blog expert. Readers discretion is advised and consultation with experts is deemed necessary before trying out any remedies suggested in such articles/blogs

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