You should not invest in Stock Market if

You need money in immediate future (means within 2-3 years) e.g.

  • You are planning to do higher studies in near future
  • You need to pay for your college education soon
  • You are aware that one of your immediate family members or yourself have to undergo surgery soon
  • You need to close a loan soon
  • You are saving for down payment to buy a house soon

You decided to live on fixed income e.g.

  • You are an older person who needs to live in the comfort of fixed income
  • You are a young person who don’t want to work and live off of a fixed income from a windfall family inheritance

You do not have control over your emotional behavior e.g.

  • You can not detach yourself from the owned assets/liabilities
  • You are not able to admit mistakes
  • You panic frequently at home/office
  • You can not make decisions without complete information
  • You are too adamant to change your views
  • You mostly go by your gut feelings

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