You should invest in Stock Market if

You can afford to lose money without that loss having any affect on your and your family daily life in the foreseeable future.

You do not need money in immediate future (means within 2-3 years) e.g.

You decided to diversify your income streams.

You decided to get out of losing your savings from inflation

You are not fortunate to have a windfall family inheritance to live off.

You know stock market is a risky place and can differentiate between investing, trading and speculating. Read more in

You are aware that in long run, Equity investing is the best investment theme as compared to GOLD, FD, CD, BONDS, REAL ESTATE

Last but not the least You have more than few of the personal qualities needed to succeed e.g.

  • You are patient and have a common sense
  • You can detach yourself from the owned assets/liabilities
  • You have willingness to admit to mistakes and flexible to change your views.
  • You do not panic frequently at home/office
  • You can deal with uncertainty with ease
  • You have disciplined approach and follow process instead of gut feelings in decision making
  • You are self reliant and willing to do an independent research

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