Weekend HookUp: February 9, 2020

Interesting Hookup links for
1. Agra beyond Taj
2. Ideal level for ketosis
3. Blue chips with 0% return
4. 10 worst indian cars of last decade

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New to Stock Market : Part 2 : As Investor or Trader or S ?

Just to remind you in case you forgot, previous article has a question (kinda, open book question) on whether you are entering the stock market as Investor or Trader? Close your eyes and say loudly what you have chosen. What did you hear? An Investor? Or Trader? Still confused? I appreciate if you are almost […]

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New to Stock Market : Part 1 : As Investor or Trader?

8-10 min read Target Audience – Beginner Before I congratulate you on taking a plunge in stock market, I must ask you Are you ready to lose your invested money in one heap and start again and never breathe a word (not literally) about your loss? If you hear yourself saying NO, please understand you […]

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