Portfolio Opinion – Third Eye Look

Portfolio opinion is a premium service and our motto behind this service is to help our friends remove dud stocks from portfolios to improve overall portfolio returns. We call it as a Third Eye Look on your portfolio. This Opinion should be construed as knowledge sharing only and not be construed as financial advice ( we are not SEBI registered) and any losses or profits arising out of same are responsibility of the stock owner. We are only trying to help each other in best possible way we can. It is better to consult your financial adviser before initiating buying, sell or hold calls on your portfolio

Premium service includes

◆Your portfolio review maximum two times. One at start of discussion and another review on or before 90 days as per request

Our Experience

Our Team has people with 20+ Years, 15+ Years , 10+ Years experience with cumulative of 50+ Years experience in Stock Market.

Biggest experience is surviving stock market crashes (including 2008) and seeing both up and down side of market quite a few times

Input from your side

◆Full portfolio details with total investment ◆Risk Capability
◆Investment Horizon ◆Investment Goals ◆Liquidity Challenges

Opinion from our side

◆We can help you identify the stocks which are weak fundamentally or riskier stocks with some reasoning so that you can take a call on selling with your financial adviser. ◆We try to give our opinion based on long term view of companies based on available data. ◆We don’t give our opinions based on stocks technical charts.

Expected Time for Opinion

◆It may take anywhere between 3-10 days for us to review portfolio (depends on portfolio size, risk ability etc) and give you our opinion so patience is required.


◆ There could be reasons that identified stocks may give an opposite move based on technical data or irrational behavior or missed data analysis or new data emergence etc. (after our shared opinion) and you might miss the gains. As told above any losses or profits originating out of our opinion is your sole responsibility. ◆ This opinion does not serve the purpose of portfolio allocation ◆ This opinion does not serve the purpose of portfolio creation

Eligibility to avail Premium Service on Stocks

◆ Minimum of 15-20 Stocks in your portfolio ◆Minimum of 1 lac invested in stocks

Eligibility to avail Premium Service on Mutual Funds

◆ Minimum of 8-10 Mutual funds in your portfolio ◆Minimum of 1 lac invested in Mutual funds

Do you know any of your friends or someone in your circle who is going through this pain of losses and need this kind of opinion service? Help them and get a referral bonus for yourself.

Contact us for more details.

Please reach to us through Contact form to avail the services

In case you have any questions/ queries, please feel free to reach me through Contact Form

Do spread the word among your peers, family members or anyone who can benefit from this blog and asked them to subscribe. But be selfish and take care of yourself first by subscribing before they do.

Enjoy the day and your life. Don’t forget, we are alone in this grand universe and may not get a chance to live again.

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