Running : Nip Chafing

Today, I wanted to touch upon a topic which is not discussed openly about Long distance Running

Bleeding Nipples

also known as Jogger’s nipple, Nip Chafing, Bloody Nipple, Runner’s Nipple

Running : Nip Chafing
Jogger's nipple, Nip Chafing, Bloody Nipple, Runner's Nipple
image courtesy : running with passion –only used for educative purpose

You might be the one who experienced it or the one who did not experienced it

Its painful

Creates a mental blockage for long runs and

Can be embarrassing if proper outfit not there

Are you Alone


To whom it can happen

Any Male or Female long distance( > 10km) runners or Runners who sweat a lot during runs


Sweaty cotton shirts during summer runs

Another is running on cold winter days when nipples are erect


Can cause bacterial or fungal infection around nipple area


First dump those Cotton shirts for your runs and then read further

Choose lighter synthetic shirt designed to wick moisture away from the skin to prevent chafing and irritation

A Simple Search of Dry-Fit Moisture wicking shirt will lead you to many links, choose from many choices available

One may need to try few different kinds before settling –its important and worthy of your money if you are planning to continue running for years

Apply a Vaseline sufficiently on and around nipples

Use Medical bandage

Cut the tape a little bigger than your nipples and stick on nipples

Whole roll can last you a year or more

Use Nipple Covers

Use Surgical Tape

So we runners have multiple options as shared above to TRY and EXPERIMENT

I believe, One of those will surely work for you

YOU WILL ENJOY RUNNING when irritating issues go away

What to do if you don’t know above solutions and got chafed nipples

Gently clean the chafed nipples with mild soap and warm water.

Let it Dry and then apply an ointment or Vaseline/Bioline.

Let it heal for few days

Don’t use any additional things that could further irritate the already aggravated skin.

Soon I will write on another common problem of running which is also not shared openly until it becomes a major problem

Let me know your comments and feedback

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