Stock Markets : Are you a Blind follower!!

Don't be a Blind Follower
Don’t be a Blind Follower

Most of us know or can distinguish whether one is a trader, investor or speculator or just a pure talker but we miss to understand a special category called Blind Follower

Although there is nothing wrong in following someone or taking an advice on your portfolio or having a third eye look on your portfolio but to follow someone blindly is a dangerous path.

Markets can be highly rewarding if you learn the art of stocks , do your homework before you start to follow someone. Point is you can follow someone stocks but how you can you borrow or get the same courage and conviction you follow.

This article is help you understand whether one fall in a category of Blind follower or not. If yes, please be aware of the chosen path and its pitfalls

  • If someone makes buy or sell decisions purely based on his close circle and buy if they buy or sell if they sell.
  • If one wants to make quick money by following tips and never attempts to go a bit inside the business he is buying or selling.
  • If one trusts people blindly and praise them on successful calls or criticizes them on bad turnouts
  • If one just follow what TV analyst says or read in print media or get tips from online forums and enters or exit a stocks based on media discussions
  • If one doesn’t have any idea about when to enter or exit a stock. 
  • If he buys a stock and it goes up 20%, he waits until it goes higher. If the stock goes below his buying price, he keeps waiting or buying again to average. Why? Because he is doing it without a clue.
  • Most probably he will not survive bear market and crashes out and never dare to enter stock market because he never understood market from his brain. He followed someone else

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