Fitness Goals – How to achieve seemingly impossible fitness goals

More Focus on building habits and Less focus on results or outcome

Focus on building good habits and results will follow
Focus on building good habits and results will follow

It is so easy to get caught in results but whats is more important is to focus on is to see what kind of habits will help you reach those results. Most of the times, we are focused on numbers of other persons e.g. he lifted 100 kgs, he ran full marathon or he cycled 300 km in a day. Instead we should focus on that person habits, e.g. he goes to gym 4 times a week and lift weights progressively or he ran/cycle 3 times a week and choose multiple variations to build stamina. This focus on habits will help you to achieve seemingly impossible goals

Be in it for the long run always

Fitness should be part of your life and not something you do for a month or a year. You shouldn’t be the one who’s running, cycling or hitting the gym for a month at the start of a year and doze off till next year start. Fitness should be a lifetime commitment evolving with ever-changing goals as you progress. Your target should be to achieve and live a longer, healthier life and that’s only possible if you are committed for lifetime

Make SMART Goals

SMART goals
SMART goals

SMART means

Specific – Goal should be direct, detailed and meaningful

Measurable— Goal should be quantifiable to track final results

Achievable — Goal should be realistic and you should have resources to achieve that

Relevant – It should make sense with overall fitness goals

Time bound – Goal should be time bound and must have a deadline

So instead of writing WEIGHT LOSS as a goal, you can write as ” I want to achieve 10 kg (Specific, Measurable) weight loss with a progressive weight reduction of 1 kg/month by controlling junk food intake(achievable) in a total of 10 months (time- bound). With that I will help myself to reduce from 100kg to 90kg weight(relevant)”

This will help you to keep on track for the goals you create

Don’t burn yourself out quickly

We know a lot of persons will take up crazy diets to achieve weight loss and get back to junk food within a month or a friend hitting a gym two hours a day in January and becoming a potato couch February onwards.

Be reasonable when you set goals. It’s impossible to make a sudden, drastic change in lifestyle that has build up in so many years. It will take time to change. Its nearly impossible to get noticeable change every day. 

Be patient and try to slowly change your diet, lifestyle, fitness. It should not be a hard landing into a new fitness regime or diet. Its something that you are adopting for decades,so take your time to slip into new regime or diet and stick to it.

You don’t need to drive the new Fitness goal faster, but you need to drive it well

Have a Consistent Approach

Consistency is the key for fitness
Consistency is the key

Having a daily routine or a scheduled regime at same time of the day will help you to be consistent. One has to create a workout routine or a fitness program to be more efficient in achieving goals. But don’t worry or stop your fitness activity if you dont have any specific regime.

Only showing up daily will work wonders in the starting phase and as you progress, you can create a regime or take the help of professional trainers to make one.

Remember just turning up daily or on the scheduled days will won you half the battle. You will know what to change in regime only when you turn up

Try something out of your comfort zone

Out of comfort zone
Out of Comfort zone

Believe it or not, its always great to try your hands at something you are afraid of once in a while. Not only it activates your immune system and nervous system but also mitigates your fears.

Only thing you have to remember is not to go overboard for such activities and the new thing should add to your fitness regime.

e.g. if you are a runner on a regular basis, try doing swimming once in a week. That kind of cross training may help you and activate different muscles.

Register a Quick win

Quick win in the early stages matters
Quick win in the early stages matters

Try to identify the weakness which if addressed in starting itself will give you a huge quick win and you will want more of same. e.g. Currently you can’t run 200m at a stretch and If your target is to run 10 km continuously , break it into 1km continuous run in the first week, 2km continuous in the 2nd week. That way your mind registers a small win and give a confidence boost to you for bigger target.

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Enjoy the day and your life. Don’t forget, we are alone in this grand universe and may not get a chance to live again.

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