Running : What is Marathon and what is not?

Nowadays every big city is cashing on the trend of running and calling road/trail race of any length a MARATHON. A misuse of the term definitely but its not uncommon.

We see this is being commonly mis-used for events described as 5k Marathon, 10k Marathon and so on

Every race organizer wants profits for organizing a race. How to do that? Simply by allowing YOU to boast of ‘Participating or Running a MARATHON‘ with a nice finisher medal and breakfast with a nice TEE.

Of-course there is as such no harm participating in such events. You will definitely derive some benefit out of it and same about organizer.

But remember, every race is not a MARATHON.

You’re not going to like it but we have to tell you about it.

2K is not Marathon, 5k is not Marathon, 10k is not Marathon and for that matter even 21k is not Marathon. So what is Marathon.

Marathon is 42.2km distance (42.195km to be precise), any lesser distance is not marathon. A 2K is a 2 K run, 5k is a 5K run, 10K is a 10K run, 21.097k(~21K) is half marathon

Marathon means 42.2km (historical reasons and other details), that’s a lot of distance and precisely the reason, it has a premium tag attached. Please keep this tag reserve in your mind and heart and wherever you can, so that when you do run the marathon, you will feel proud of that premium tag. Keep that tag as a motivation to push yourself.

Is it difficult to do Marathon? Yes it is as its stretches the limits of body and mind but not impossible. Everyone can do it and the moment you do it, it will change your life forever.

Leaving you with a great quote and a goal to pursue 🙂

Run a Marathon to experience a different life

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Enjoy the day and your life. Don’t forget, we are alone in this grand universe and may not get a chance to live again.

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