Running: Getting Started: Beginner’s Guide -I

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Target Audience – Beginner

Before you jump and say
That’s what I want to do (from everything) — I literally do not mean that!!
It’s not for me, I’m in my 40s, 50s blah blah blah — It’s an activity which span ages!!
I don’t have treadmill — also as per you, lots of people don’t have brains — People still survive and thrive!!

This write-up is towards helping you to start a fitness sport or a routine which you will enjoy for a long time in your life like millions do.
Running is a simple fitness activity which span ages, requires no equipment, relatively inexpensive and can be done almost anywhere.

One only needs –

A Good Pair of Running Shoes & Socks
A Dry-Fit Tee & Running shorts.
And a Road/Trail/Track to run, that’s it.
Nothing More, Nothing Less (To Start Running)
(We’ll come to know with experience what else needed)

In case you are too spiced up by now, do add
“Willingness to start and succeed”

Lets understand some of the Benefits of Running before you ask why should I run if its not easy.

Benefits of Running
1.Running is simple. Just get out of the door and you are on the RUN, literally.
2.Calories Burn off: Running is one of the most efficient ways for burning calories and helps to increase body’s metabolic rate. Do note running can not outrun your diet.
3.Physical Health: Running helps to raise the good cholesterol levels in body. Improve lung capacity, Improvement in your cardiovascular system and boost of immune system will help you to lead a healthy life.
4.Mental Health: Running increases your mental toughness, helps to increase your focus and concentration throughout the day.
5.Weight loss: Running can be used smartly to lose weight or get in shape.
6.Stress Buster: Running helps to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, boost your mood and increases your confidence & self esteem levels
7.Me time : You will get time with yourself. A must have in a life which itself running so fast ironically
8.You learn to live in Present. Especially when you run long distance, you just focus on the moment. Thoughts will come and go and over a number of runs, you will be in a meditative state and as a habit you will start to live in present.
9.Runner’s high: Something amazing happens when you run. You release endorphins, good hormones and you will achieve a runner’s high.

Am I missing so Much?

As I’m writing this, I’m feeling a rush of adrenaline, want to get out and RUN but before you share the same feelings and actually going out for a run, Please WAIT and understand some basics, most importantly if you have never run in your life

Hey, you told me its simple (Benefit number 1), now you are telling me to wait? Insane or what?
Not only I told you its simple, I also brought Mark into this blog who told a bit more “..its not easy” and I hate this statement as much as you will in coming time

Love Hate Relationship for years to remember

I want you to be fully with me in next few minutes as I want you to enjoy running through lifetime and not curse yourself or running or for that matter me as well.

‘You have to start where you are, not where you think you should be”

Don’t visualize Usain Bolt or Milkha Singh or PT Usha in yourself yet. Have their posters to motivate yourself if at all. We are what we are. Mostly a potato couch and probably wasted a year or so thinking I will run from tomorrow or this weekend or 1st of next month and so on.
Are you still thinking and getting lost into daydreaming to start from New year just like every year.
Get back and focus. That what running will teach you.
Start as early as possible 🙂

Pre-Running readiness
Get a go ahead from your doctor especially if you are on medication or not active for over a year or so. He may advice you with right precautions.
Choose the type of running surface –Road, Trail, Track, Treadmill. Not an urgent task but will help you in next step
Buy right kind of shoes/gear –Get Gait analysis done and understand your running style and combine it with running surface before finalizing a shoe. Also make sure the shoe fits comfortably Buy a Dry fit tee and shorts which will help you keep dry while running. Avoid cotton wear as much as you can

Also seeStart Now : New Year Resolutions

Running: First steps  
Properly warm up with a 5 min jog or walk and do dynamic stretching before actual run to remain injury free. Avoid static stretching.
Employ Run/walk method — start with a Run/ walk ratio of 1:3 meaning 1 min run and 3 min walk and as you become comfortable, move to 1:2 ratio or 1:1 ration or to complete running.
Running should be done at a conversational pace and not faster .
Focus on time spent and not on distance or pace. Start with min 20 minutes of run/walk method and gradually increase to 40 mins preferably within a week/fortnight or when you’re comfortable. Don’t get upset if you missed a day in between.
Plan to do it 5-7 days a week for run/walk method or alternate days for full run method
Listen to your body and learn to differentiate between pain and discomfort.
Do a proper cool down for 5 mins

Post Running essentials  
Have a proper nutrition (including both Macro and micro nutrients) in the day to recover well for next day run.
Keep yourself hydrated with proper drinks

Remember the simple objectives
1. I will train for injury free running.
2. I will follow discipline in my running.
(stick to your wall or laptop or mobile screen)

To achieve these objectives, you must start preparing for a running plan which may sound silly at this stage.

Lets focus more in details in upcoming articles (Running :Beginner Guide II) and i hope this article has given you insights about running and motivates you as well

In case you have any questions/ queries, please feel free to reach me through Contact Form

Do spread the word among your peers, family members or anyone who can benefit from this blog and asked them to subscribe. But be selfish and take care of yourself first by subscribing before they do.

Enjoy the day and your life. Don’t forget, we are alone in this grand universe and may not get a chance to live again.

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