ALPHA LEARNERS – Mentorship program Jan22

With great pleasure and best wishes from all of you, we are delighted to launch

ALPHA Mentorship program


Art and Science of Investing

to make you Independent in stock markets


This is a unique live program for approx. 5 months (on weekends) Where one can learn necessary

Fundamental Qualitative concepts to understand the things which create wealth in long run

Fundamental Quantitative concepts to substantiate what we have seen qualitatively

Necessary Technical aspect to make our entry and exit better in stocks

Resources to analyze faster to analyze more companies faster

Big money moves aspect to understand where money is moving

Understand Contrarian, Cyclical, Value and Growth investing

Bucket and GRADE Framework

Business Moats understanding

Exit Strategies in stocks

Reading Balances sheet in simple way to analyze results and issues to make quick exits or to do pyramiding after results

Tricks and Checklist for faster analysis of Annual Reports to help us all understand whether to deep dive or not

Conf-call understanding, Transcripts Concepts and Tricks to understand faster

Concepts and tricks on various intricacies in stock market

Understanding about primary, secondary and derivatives market

Also get a KNOWHOW on

Checklist for stocks to identify red flags faster

Checklist for deep dive into selected stocks

How to build Portfolio for Short term

How to build Portfolio for Long term

How to find Multi bagger stocks

How to avoid pitfalls in market

When to exit stocks

Concept of Futures and options

4 Bonus sessions from experts (apart from Program content)

Mutual Funds

Financial planning

IPO and

a Big money moves session

3-4 months of teaching and mentoring
Can be extended based on queries, case studies

1-2 months of handholding

To clear doubts, correction of mistakes, independent walking in markets

10+ Assignments
Based on actual events happening in markets during the course

Case studies
Based on future growth understanding and pitfalls to avoid

To help you assess yourself whether you are progressing or not during the program

Presenting Stock idea by Learners

This is a program YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS

LET THIS NEW YEAR 2022 be the start of your journey towards INDEPENDENCE IN STOCK MARKETS

ACT NOW for your Independence


AVAIL EARLY BIRD OFFER till 1st Jan 2022

FEEDBACK from ongoing batches

ACT NOW for your Independence



Number of batches and batch size is very very limited considering live classes

Major part of this initiative will go towards orphan children education and food

Do make use of this opportunity and be part of bigger initiative

Connect with us to help genuine needy children

In case you have any questions/ queries, please feel free to reach me through Contact Form

Do spread the word among your peers, family members or anyone who can benefit from this blog and asked them to subscribe. But be selfish and take care of yourself first by subscribing before they do.

Enjoy the day and your life. Don’t forget, we are alone in this grand universe and may not get a chance to live again.

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