Budget 2020 : Shockers (& hits) : Takeaways by experts

Positives, negatives and how to beat budget — https://mfresponse.adityabirlacapital.org/Hosted_pdfs/FEB_2020/Budget/INV/budget2020_MF.pdf

Budget 2020 & you — https://www.primeinvestor.in/2020/02/01/budget-2020-and-you/

Important takeaway points —https://finshots.in/archive/points-of-the-budget/

Shocker on non tax paying NRI’s – https://www.cnbctv18.com/personal-finance/income-tax-shocker-budget-2020-proposes-tax-on-non-taxpaying-indians-residing-overseas-5180771.htm

Budget 2020 : An eyewash : https://www.capitalmind.in/2020/02/budget-2020-lower-tax-slabs-just-an-eye-wash-but-check-for-yourself/

Also Read : Move to New Tax Regime or Stick to Old Tax Regime

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