International Men’s Day : Article by Dr. Pallavi Aga

We would like to introduce an expert Dr. Pallavi Aga as a guest blogger today for Alpha Affairs . This is her first blog on our website and she chose one of the better days to say something about Men. 

Today is International Men’s Day 2019

Men’s health in India is a topic of great concern especially during andropause which usually occurs due to declining levels of male hormone testosterone with aging leading to Andropause Symptoms like

  • Fatigue Weakness
  • Depression
  • Loss of libido
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Fatty changes in liver
  • Belly fat
  • Poor cardiac health.

Nutritional therapy is the key :

1. Diet low in carbohydrates with inclusion of complex carbohydrates

2. Good quality fats like ghee and Virgin coconut oil

3. Protein has to be included in the range of at least 1 gm / kg body weight.

4. Sugar and refined carbohydrates have to be avoided .

5. Micro-nutrient and vitamin deficiency especially Vitamin D and Magnesium. Both these conditions can be seen even in men who regularly go to the gym and also workout.

This is because they end up overcompensating their workouts with poor quality food.

Nutrition along with aerobic exercise and weight training will improve not only cardiac and liver help but it will also reverse the process of aging.

Brief Introduction of Dr Pallavi Aga

Dr. Pallavi Aga is a renowned name in the field of preventive health. She is nutrition and lifestyle consultant especially dealing with low carb and Keto diet as well as sports Nutrition and Nutrition in cancer. She is the founder of Mind & Body Wellness Clinic situated in Sector 15 A Noida.

As a nutritionist, she believes in reclaiming health by using ‘Food As Medicine’. She also has clinical experience for over 20 years.

She is a marathon runner, a speaker and is the recipient of many awards

  • The Best Nutritionist Award 2018 at the 14th Annual International Hospitality India and Travel Award.
  • 51 most influential women in Delhi NCR awarded by the Brij Bhoomi foundation .
  • Face of the Year award in the field of health and wellness : Mahila Prashikshan Sansthan

She’s been featured in Diet Doctor and is certified by Tim Noakes foundation of . She’s on the panel of multiple companies like and Supplecent .

You can reach out to her through or through various social media platforms like





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