About Myself

Passionate about affairs on Finance, Running, Food, Nutrition, Entrepreneurship, Travel and this blog is an attempt to share similar topics with wide audience and at same time learn and grow and interact with them.

Regarding Markets – I am into Stock Market since 2006 and have/had my share of hits and misses. I still see lot of people fearful of markets and don’t know where to start, who to ask and hence miss a wonderful opportunity.

Regarding Physical Activity — My first brush with Running started in 2013 after a colleague of mine coerced me into 10k. That and few 10K events fueled a challenge to conquer it and hence the passion for running started into 2016 actively.

I have successfully completed 2 official full marathons (42.196km), few half marathons (21.097km) and close to fifty 10Km challenges.

This blog is kind of sharing my experience and building a base for such people. Lot of things that I read are also shared through this blog to help people

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#Investor # Reader #Marathoner #Cyclist #Foodie #Traveler #Helping people in Finances

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